Ebeam Engines and Components

In addition to the EBLab200 and EB Engine systems, we carry a full range of spare parts and replacement parts to help you maintain your system and optimise your process uptime. 

Ebeam Replacement Lamps

- 200keV EB Lamps in widths of 270mm and 400mm

High Voltage Power Supplies

- 200keV power supplies designed around the EBLamps

High Voltage Cables

- Custom High Voltage Cables built to reliably connect power supply to EBLamp


- Closed loop water coolers, ozone extraction kits, O2 sensor kits, sample holders, spare parts, O2 sensors, and consumables

EB Replacement Lamps

Spare Ebeam lamps for EBLab200 and EB Engine installations 

High Voltage Power Supplies

Dedicated power supplies for use with EBLab200 and EB Engines up to 200keV

High Voltage Cables

Custom cables for EB Engines in 5.5m and 10m lengths


Cooler kits, Ozone extraction kits, Sensor kits, spare parts, and related consumables  

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