Radtech Europe Conference & Exhibition 2023

October 17th-18th, Munich
28 September 2023 by
Radtech Europe Conference & Exhibition 2023
Sherkin Technologies

RadTech Europe is the European association for energy curing technology. The association is currently preparing for the 2023 RadTech conference, to be held from October 17-18, 2023 in Munich, Germany. The two-day live conference will address the future of energy curing, examine new and emerging trends and innovations, and take a close look at new applications of energy curing. 

Innovative companies and academic/governmental research institutes have submitted technical abstracts outlining the latest research, current developments and innovations in the field of energy curing. 

Sherkin Technologies is a member company of Radtech Europe and we will be available to discuss all things Ebeam at the PCT Ebeam & Integration booth.

If you are interested in attending the conference, registration is still open.

Radtech Europe Conference & Exhibition