Ebeam for research and development

Develop and optimize new products and processes with ebeam. The EBLab is as reliable as it is versatile.

This fully shielded system enables experiments and quality control tests to be performed in the smallest of spaces without the need for additional infrastructure.

The EBLab provides innovation teams with the tool they need to explore frontiers opened by easy access to electron beam processing.

The compact, sealed ebeam lamps used in the EBLab allow for a maximum beam energy of 200 keV and transport speeds of 3–30 m/min, allowing doses of up to 450 kGy in a single pass. 

Samples may be as large as an A4 letter (216 mm × 279 mm)and up to 50 mm thick. 

With nitrogen inerting, the oxygen concentration can be as low as 50 ppm allowing researchers the freedom to work with oxygen-sensitive chemistries.


Voltage range 80–200 keV
Max. power ebeam Lamp 2.25 kW
Max. beam current (voltage dependent) 20 mA
Dose uniformity ±10 % over width of 210 mm at 180 keV and 20 mm air gap
Sample transport speed 3–30 m/min 
Sample size DIN A4 (216 × 297 mm),height-adjustable up to 50 mm (in steps of 5 mm)
Air gap 5–55mm
Oxygen measurement device Included
Operating modes  with and without inerting gas
Ozone extraction port provided for facility connection  
Ozone filter optional  
ebeam Lamp  Model EBA-200/270

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